It might be miserable outside..... but we're smiling on the inside!

***Newsflash***  It's all happening here at Cammas Hall.  After finishing their previous project, we now have Matt from JKL Construction & Carpentry on board to project manage and transform our charming Cart Shed into a welcoming Interior Design studio space.  We couldn't be more excited that work has commenced.... and day-by-day it is really moving along.

We'll be logging the progress of the build weekly to show the transformation.  This week it's all about the floor;  prepping and building up the floor level ready to screed at the end of the week.  We are pleased, for Matt, that the weather is milder this week than last, and felt really sorry for him and the team in below-freezing temperatures sorting some pipework last week.  Love the picture, Jo captured, of the galoshes hanging to dry!

Below, we catch a glimpse of the internal space, and with the window apertures in position.  It's surprising how much natural light floods in, even on a wet and dull February morning.

Yesterday, it looked like this from inside! (right)

The original window configuration (above)

And next week, we'll have an all-new and level concrete floor!