Statement Ceilings

Forget the walls and floors this year.  2018 is all about the ceiling.

Painted, papered, adorned, stencilled.  We're not talking Artex.  


We have some AMAZING textured papers to offer at Jo Frances which can inject some serious wow! factor into your room.  


You can play as safe as you like with the walls and flooring, but we urge you to take the plunge and go bold with your ceiling!  

Go on.  Contact Jo and get some new ideas!


Bag yourself some umbrella envy with this beauty from Jo Frances Ltd.  It's fun and elegant and sure to turn heads on rainy days.  

We're all beginning to feel the need of that Spring spruce-up, an update of our home interiors and totally desperate for some sun through our windows.  To cheer you up on today's rainy day, check out this great video of umbrella fashions from the 50's.  Truly charming.

Not too chintzy chintz

If you haven't been acquainted with the chintz movement of times gone by, let us introduce you to an old friend;

chintz:  tʃɪn(t)s/
  1. printed multicoloured cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used for curtains and upholstery.
    Origin - Early 17th century (as chints, plural of chint, denoting a stained or painted calico cloth imported from India): from Hindi chīṃṭ ‘spattering, stain’.
Lelievre chintz.jpg

20 years ago, when IKEA made Scandi living accessible, chintz took a step to one side.  Once the epitome of elegance, with frills and fancy pelmets; like all fashions, it had it's time.  

But like all fashions, it's back!

And it can sit quite happily within your home too.  So the following furnishings may not denote true chintz examples but the point is that the luxury floral still VERY much has it's place within the home interior.  Examples here are by Lelievre, DG and O&L.

We're quite simply in love with the new O&L collection which you can view on and order through us at Jo Frances Ltd


A little something to take home after a visit to Jo Frances?

We have selected some really delicious accessories, perfect gifts for friends and special moments.  Once the showroom is well and truly open for business, and you've been inspired by the luxurious decor ideas we have showcased and put a lovely design scheme together, you can take something unique and special home now!  Here's a preview of some of the gorgeous accessories range we have put together.

The Latest From Our Stunning Cart Shed

These photos give a great indication of where we are at with the showroom right now.  

There's a real buzz around here at Cammas Hall Farm! 

The space has materialised into a hub of colour, texture and pattern, and with tomorrow's delivery of accessories from our unique new supplier we need to start with some visual merchandising! We're eager to show off the wares that we'll have on offer and probably won't want to actually part with the gorgeous gifts we ordered!

Office Area.jpg